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5 Reasons You Need to Migrate Your Organization to the Cloud Today

If your organization relies on IT and data resources to compete (and honestly, what organizations don’t?), you need to make the Cloud part of your technology infrastructure today. Here are five important reasons organizations we are working with are moving resources to the Cloud:

Control Costs.

Cloud migration allows you to avoid the HUGE capital expenditures required to build out your technology infrastructure. It’s not just the hardware you need to pay for: it’s also the software and applications, along with the managers and staff needed to run them, and then the maintenance on top of it all.

If your company is not scaled to implement all of its technology resources in-house, the Cloud offers a very effective and affordable solution. You can enjoy all the performance and capabilities of using virtual infrastructure to power your organization, at a fraction of the traditional cost required for a major technology investment.

Increase Flexibility and Scalability.

Business never stands still, it’s always evolving and changing. If your business has been held hostage by the need to continually predict your technology resource needs, the Cloud offers a solution that boosts flexibility and scalability.

Need to expand your capabilities to manage a demand spike? The Cloud allows you to add capabilities as needed, instead of indefinitely paying for resources you’re not using. Want to shed resources and costs you are not using? The Cloud makes it easy to scale in any direction, to make your costs fit your needs. Virtual infrastructure expands your decision making and opportunities, allowing you to adjust to the market quickly and precisely.

Optimize Security.

Keeping all your data in-house creates a lethal vulnerability: any incident can wipe out your operations in a single stroke. Malicious threats – viruses, application break-ins, ransomware, insider attacks – are proliferating at an almost exponential rate, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. The most damaging threats are often simple negligence or hardware failure, which can be even more devastating if the same machines you use everyday are also used for data storage and backup.

Cloud-based data backup and recovery ensure your organization never needs to rely on a single storage network for protection. You can access Cloud data anywhere, from virtually any connected device. It’s simple, convenient and affordable.

Improve Collaboration.

Adding Cloud infrastructure enables your organization to collaborate in vital ways. If your workforce is mobile and uses connected devices to work, Cloud capability is critical to safe, efficient and effective collaboration. It allows you to connect better with customers, vendors, suppliers, partners and other audiences critical to your operations and success.

Guarantee Reliability.

The true price of incidents and hardware failures is not the cost to repair or replace equipment, or labor needed to get your systems running again, it’s the downtime that frustrates customers and causes your business to grind to a halt. When you’re trying to manage your own servers, on top of trying to accomplish your core organizational objectives, added downtime is inevitable… especially if your IT resources are stretched thin already.

Cloud assets offer superior reliability and are designed to quickly manage and overcome multiple fail states, including hardware troubles, failover faults, network problems and more. Multiple copies of your data, accessible from anywhere that’s connected, enables faster recovery and fewer costly interruptions of your business.

Affordable Cloud Solutions from Decamind

If you want to dip your toes into Cloud migration and experience the benefits first hand before diving in, here are two cloud solutions that can immediately add efficiencies and capabilities to your operations:

Managed Cloud Backup

The threat environment for organizations and their critical data is expanding every day. The easiest, most effective solution to safeguard your organization against digital threats is Managed Cloud Backup from Decamind:

  • Protect, store and recover your data resources
  • For computers, servers, SQL servers, exchange servers and more
  • Compatible with all your business devices
  • Free up local memory resources
  • Simple, automated and affordable

Managed Cloud Backup protects against not just malicious threats, but also hardware failures, negligence and more. It’s the easiest, most affordable solution for critical data backup and data recovery.

VM Servers

Looking for a more affordable alternative to an onsite server? VM Servers (Virtual Machine Servers) from Decamind gives you all the benefits of an internal server resource, without the hassles:

  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • Rapid implementation
  • Minimal downtime
  • Leading network security
  • Simplified IT resource management
Spoiler alert:

your competition is not waiting, so you shouldn’t either. Decamind is a leading provider of NYC data backup and Cloud services. We specialize in helping small- to mid-size organizations access the technology resources needed to compete and excel. Contact us to learn more about solutions designed to help your organization meet its goals through technology.

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