Business IT services for companies and organizations in New York City.
Enterprise stability and performance oriented services, adopted for the small and medium-sized businesses.

IT Support and IT Consultation Services

Business Technology, Software and IT infrastructure is an integral part of every business. You need the right IT support partner to maintain your technology and help you stay focused on your business. Decamind provides unprecedented IT Support to small and medium-sized businesses. Helping them manage, optimize and maintain their technology and IT infrastructure.
Decamind can help you understand the capabilities of your technology, asses your current infrastructure and provide technology solutions that align with your business needs.

IT support helps maintain a
healthy IT infrastructure.
Technology solutions help
your organization increase productivity and cut costs

What We Offer

Wi-Fi Analysis and Management

Identify security and performance issues, manage and support WiFi deployments. Controlled access to your WiFi network and WiFi Guest network.

Data Protection and Backup

Protect business data with a protection plan aligned with your business needs. Data Protection and Data Backup help safeguard your business information from corruption, compromise or loss.

Hardware Purchasing and Servicing

Comprehensive hardware service ensures extended life and better performance. In-depth understanding of your business needs allows Decamind to provide the proper hardware to move your organization forward.

Software Purchasing and Servicing

Software is continuously upgrading and improving. We want to keep you up to date and at the top of your game with reliable servicing and access to new platforms and services as they appear on the market.

User and Data Management

Data is the most valuable business asset. With Decamind, you can instill user control, manage data access and data storage, all while keeping your data secure and protected.


Your business needs security. Far too often security practices are overlooked, unenforced or non-existent. We focus on protecting your data. Partner with us and lower the risk of a security breach.

Migration and Relocation

Opening a new branch, or moving offices? We’ve got you covered with a host of migration and relocation options to get you back up and operating quickly and efficiently.

Network Evaluation

Let us take a look at what you’re working with now, and how we can make it better. From security to speed, we want to find you the best solution to your IT needs.

Technology Strategy

There are a lot of technologies out there, with endless programs. We want you to find the perfect fit for your company, so we take the time to assess and create a strategy for upgrading and modernizing your businesses’ technology.

24/7 Support

We’re there for you when you have a question, an issue, or when something goes wrong. Call us anytime for help with your technological issues.

Why Choose Decamind

Our clients are specific. They need innovative technological solutions with a budget conscious mind. For us, that’s the best part of the job; using creativity to find the IT Solutions that will not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations. We don’t succeed unless you do.

Is your network infrastructure costing you productivity?