Wi-Fi Design and Implementation

With an increase in the prominence of wireless devices in the workplace, it has become more important than ever for businesses to have strong wireless local area networks (WLAN). Wireless networks have been known to improve employee satisfaction by increasing accessibility, communication, and productivity.

When we design Wi-Fi systems, we ensure they will provide optimal coverage and the best throughput by verifying the hardware, access points, and installation procedure. Not all Wi-Fi routers are created equal, and that’s where we start – knowing where and how to install the right device for our client’s needs. We map out the business space to know exactly where the access points need to be to provide the most comprehensive and secure coverage.

Our clients rely on the Internet to get their jobs done. Whether they’re in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island or Manhattan, we make sure that their network works as fast, and as securely, as they do.

Wi-Fi Design NYC

Designing a Wi-Fi Network

When it comes time for any business to set up or upgrade their wireless network, there’s a lot we consider.

  • The Building

    Knowing what the building is made of plays a large role in designing a wireless network. Dense building materials such as bricks, rock walls, cinder blocks, stucco, and more can reduce the strength of a wireless signal significantly. Anything that holds water such as bathrooms, pipes, and even elevator shafts can also disrupt signal, so we design our access points to have the best angles to keep the Wi-Fi signal strong and steady.

  • The Users

    A small to medium size business doesn’t necessarily need an excessive amount of access points, but the bandwidth of the users does need to be considered. Without enough bandwidth to handle the traffic of staff, the network, and customers, productivity will drop. We are able to manage multiple access points and keep the bandwidth balanced to enhance performance and save time.

  • The Power

    Once a Wi-Fi network is mapped for the best possible signal in the office, we consider how to power each of these access points effectively. Power requirements differ for each business, but by using tools such as power injectors we can eliminate unsightly wires while ensuring each access point receives full power.

  • The Safety

    Keeping a Wi-Fi network secure is a necessity for any business. With an open network, anyone in the vicinity can jump on and potentially wreak havoc if they are able to infiltrate the main network. We protect our clients with strong encryption and layered access to the network.

  • The Future

    When installing a Wi-Fi network, we’re not just thinking about the current project, we’re thinking about how our clients will grow and how their wireless network needs will grow with them. We document every project so when our clients return for our services, we know exactly what was installed, where, and how, so we can offer the most comprehensive service when upgrading their network.

Why Choose Decamind?

Our clients are specific. They need innovative solutions to technological solutions with a budget conscious mind. For us, that’s the best part of the job; using creativity to find the IT security solutions that will not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations.

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