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IT Support & Consulting

IT Support and IT Consultation Services Our IT Support and Consultation Services focus on our clients most critical issues such as technology renewal, network services, data backup, and cyber security across all industries in New...


Wiring Services

Wiring Services and Structured Cabling The foundation of every high performance network, whether the company is just starting out or is a Fortune 500, is built on a solid infrastructure of smart and efficient structured...


Network Services

Network Services A company can only run as quickly as its network. Keeping our clients online and ensuring their service is fast, uninterrupted, and safe is the foundation of our Network Services. Our clients, from...



Partnering with the correct IT company will provide your business with an increased advantage to operate and conduct business efficiently. Decamind is determined to bring you the latest technology and knowledge that can help your business increase efficiency and reduce downtime by analyzing and providing solutions to reduce utilization and upsurge performance of your business systems and infrastructure. Decamind is comprised of IT professionals that are experts in the IT field, capable of fast problem solving and precise execution around the clock. Decamind strives to provide the best Return On Investment (ROI) while providing time sensitive IT support, exceptional quality of service and minimizing down time for our partners. Decamind has proven to be an extremely reliable partner that’s able to provide support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

IT Services

Decamind specializes in IT Services for small and medium businesses in the New York City area. Decamind is one of the leading IT companies providing timely on-site IT service and remote IT support to partners when they need it most, as well as providing a broad range of IT centric services such as IT Consulting, Network Support, Wiring Services, Hardware Services, Software Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery. For detailed information and to view our capabilities please visit our Services page

Cloud Services

Cloud Services previously regarded as cost prohibitive by small and medium businesses, have become one of the most sought-after solutions. A low starting cost and even a lower managing cost of Cloud Solutions increased the ROI tenfold versus the traditional in-house infrastructure. Cloud hosted emails such as Microsoft Exchange have become a preferred low-cost solution for many businesses with 50 employees or less. Cloud Services help reduce initial investment costs and on-site IT service calls by providing seamless access to file sharing with granular control, cloud data backup, virtual servers and virtual infrastructure. For more information please visit our Cloud Solutions page

IT Solutions

Decamind is your premier partner in IT Solutions. A well put together IT Solution not only provides a good ROI but increases the value of your business by enabling your business to seamlessly function and improve performance of your day to day operations. Before compiling an IT Solution for a partner, Decamind evaluates the current requirements, current utilization and considers future expansion. For details on the IT Solutions that Decamind provides please visit the IT Solutions page


In this technologically advanced age our partners depend on their networks and computers more than ever. A compromised system or network can have a disastrous effect on a business, ranging from lengthy downtime to irrecoverable critical data. Decamind can help analyze and identify current and potential security risks in networks, computer systems and infrastructure. Decamind provides Cybersecurity Solutions that help prevent cyber threats and mitigate cyber risk. For detailed information on Cybersecurity and Cyber Risk mitigation please visit theCybersecurity Solutions page

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