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IT Support & Consulting

Business IT services for companies and organizations in New York City. Enterprise stability and performance oriented services, adopted for the small and medium-sized businesses.
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Wiring Services

Wiring Services and Structured Cabling The foundation of every high performance network, whether the company is just starting out or is a Fortune 500, is built on
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Network Services

Network Services A company can only run as quickly as its network. Keeping our clients online and ensuring their service is fast, uninterrupted, and safe is the
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery No business can predict when a disaster will occur, whether it be a natural disaster or a malicious attack on a business’s information, and having
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Hosted Email
With ROI being low for acquiring a Hosted Email solution, businesses have turned to Cloud Email to replace in-house
Data Backup
Data Backup Solutions Data is the lifeline of any business. If a company isn’t 100 percent certain that their
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Solutions Cyber attacks target any sized business and can come at any time, in a wide variety

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Exploring Different Types Of Computer Malware: Rootkits & Keyloggers

Rootkits A rootkit is malicious code that loads before the operating system in order to avoid detection. This feature of rootkits makes them

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Exploring Different Types Of Computer Malware: Viruses

A computer virus is any type of malicious code that needs some type of user interaction in order to be installed and replicated.

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Exploring Different Types Of Computer Malware: Trojans

A trojan, also referred to as a “trojan horse” or RAT (Remote Access Tool),  is a piece of seemingly harmless software that contains

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