Wiring Services and Structured Cabling

The foundation of every high performance network, whether the company is just starting out or is a Fortune 500, is built on a solid infrastructure of smart and efficient structured cabling.

We offer high quality wiring services and cabling to our clients across New York and the surrounding areas, no matter the industry, within a strict schedule. From retail stores to office buildings, we ensure that our clients receive the wiring they need to succeed; whether that be wiring for telephone systems, networks, access control systems, or something completely new. The only thing we don’t do is underground and burial cables; anything else is entirely possible.

Wiring Services NYC

Wiring a Business for Success

Not all wires or cables are created equal and each business will have specific needs. A stunning sky rise office in the heart of Manhattan will be obliged to run Plenum cable, CAT5e or CAT6, which have been treated to be flame retardant. We ensure all projects meet TIA/EIA Standards while understanding the requirements of our clients and their buildings so the job can be done perfectly the first time.

A poorly run cable affects network performance and drastically slows down business productivity. It has been shown that over half of all network outages start at the physical layer, often due to sub-standard wiring and cabling. At Decamind we believe is that we only succeed when our clients do. We make sure that every wire is run correctly, using the right cable, brand, and technology to keep our client’s network running as strong as their business.

Aesthetic Wiring

There are many ways to run a single cable, and even more ways to wire an entire office, retail store, or outdoor space, however it takes expertise to wire aesthetically. We know if the cable needed to complete a job will need to be run inside the walls, in the pipes, in the ceilings, or if it needs to be broken up with a network switch. We design a clients’ wiring services to be highly functional, with labeled wiring for their ease of use, and while using our expertise to keep the installation professional and esthetically pleasing.

Why Choose Decamind?

Our clients are specific. They need innovative technological solutions with a budget conscious mind. For us, that’s the best part of the job; using creativity to find the wiring solutions that will not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations.

Is your network infrastructure costing you productivity?