Network Services

A company can only run as quickly as its network. Keeping our clients online and ensuring their service is fast, uninterrupted, and safe is the foundation of our Network Services. Our clients, from New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island need to operate fast to match the lightning speed of their customers.

Network Services NYC

Common Network Problems

Problems often arise when a business does not have the right equipment installed, or it hasn’t been configured correctly. This can result in a variety of issues that will slow down any business, such as:

  • Slow internet for conducting business with customers.
  • Lost or corrupted files.
  • Poor response from networks.
  • Inability to connect to printers, shared folders, or drives.
  • Inconsistent and dropped Wi-Fi connections.

Even just one of these issues can cause a significant delay in the flow of productivity in any business.

Our Solutions

We proudly specialize in finding solutions to any technical problems by taking the time to listen to our clients, analyze their needs, and design a solution around those needs. Our foundation for quality network services start with four main points:


Having the right tool for the job is critical with a network. We’ve found instances where IT companies had quoted and sold economical equipment to get a contract within the budget scope, leading to issues down the line.
We start by making sure our clients receive exactly the right equipment, from the right router to the right cables all of which are configured to their specific needs.

We typically see smaller businesses gravitating towards home-style routers and switches. A home-style router can typically handle constant action from three to four devices, a drastic difference from a small business router that can handle up to twenty. When overloading a smaller router with more than four devices, a business can see a loss of speed up to 80% of what they purchase from the Internet Service provider. With a properly sized, wired and configured business router, a company will see steady connections with fast speeds that will keep employees productive, saving the company business time and money. Our client’s success is our success, so we ensure your equipment is keeping your business on track.


When a business suffers from spotty or inconsistent Wi-Fi, it reduces productivity and drives up business costs. We take a lot of care installing Wi-Fi access points for our clients, our expertise allows us to properly calculate obstacles and interferences a signal can encounter from walls, windows, furniture and more; while still wiring for maximum coverage and highest quality of performance.

Network Switches

A network switch is the backbone of a strong network and the proper choice of equipment can be the difference between a successful network and an incapable one. A network switch connects all your devices together; a simple setup would connect your home laptop, gaming console, printer and smart television to your home router while a complex system, with several switches, can keep a wide variety of workstations connected and running smoothly. We design your network based on your unique needs, with the right quantity and properly sized switches to keep your business running efficiently on all levels.


While not all of our clients have two or more locations yet, their success will lead to expansion in the future. A proper VPN configuration allows for secure file sharing and printer sharing between locations via servers at the main branch. Being able to communicate between two or more branches of a business allows for reduced infrastructure costs, better service, and productive communication within the company.

Why Choose Decamind?

Our clients are specific. They need innovative technological solutions with a budget conscious mind. For us, that’s the best part of the job; using creativity to find the network solutions that will not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations.

Is your network infrastructure costing you productivity?