Data Backup Solutions

Data is the lifeline of any business. If a company isn’t 100 percent certain that their data is safe, then their business is already at risk. We offer services to fit the singular needs of each of our clients, from comprehensive and encrypted Cloud Backup, the tangible security of an On-Site solution, or a sophisticated blend of the two.

Data Backup NYC

Backing Up for a Reason

There are countless reasons why a company should backup and store its valuable information, but the main reason is simple, money.

A failure to regularly back up can cost a company thousands of dollars; a simple loss of network data can have a crippling financial effect on any business. In the last two years, incidents, which have led to data loss, have increased by 400 percent. Even if the incident is small, impacting only a few files, the cost of recovery and security measures needed after the breach is an unpleasant cost that could be avoided by backing up data in conjunction with proactive monitoring.

There is a rising trend in Ransomware, a program that encrypts your network and data until you pay a ransom to the hacker. Many small to medium sized businesses try to assure themselves that they won’t be attacked by something so sinister, but the reality is the primary target for these attacks are smaller businesses due to their perceived lack of security. With a secure backup of their systems, a company can avoid paying out any ransom by simply restoring their data to before they were infected.

Backing up your network allows you to rebuild it, no matter what happens. Loss of important data such as product information, payroll data, mailing lists, business plans, or customer financial records can destroy customer confidence and your business. Whether the data was corrupted by a hacker, a natural disaster, or simple human error, having a secure backup reduces any downtime and lets you continue on with business.

Cloud Based or On Site Servers?

There is no right answer to which program a company should use. We carefully review the data our clients use, listen to what they want, and create a plan that best suits their needs. There are pros and cons to both Cloud Based and On Site servers.

Cloud Based Servers
·         There is no need for onsite hardware or capital expenses.  Great for rapidly growing companies.

·         Workers can connect from anywhere, with their own devices.

·         Solutions are often on-demand, so you only pay for the options you want.

·         Data can be backed up to the Cloud as often as every 15 minutes, greatly minimizing the risk of data loss.

·         The user is limited by the speed of the Internet.
·         If there is an Internet outage on either side, you will not be able to access your information.
On-Site Servers
·         There is physical control over your server.

·         There is no need to rely on an Internet connection to access data.

·         Keeps critical data in-house.


·         Requires a capital investment in hardware.

·         Requires space in your office as well as dedicated IT support.

·         Is more susceptible to data loss due to disaster situations or human error.

We offer a blend of these services to get the best data backup solutions for our clients, all tailored to meet their growing business data needs.

Why Choose Decamind?

Our clients are specific. They need innovative solutions to technological solutions with a budget conscious mind. For us, that’s the best part of the job; using creativity to find the data backup solutions that will not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations.

Is your network infrastructure costing you productivity?