Disaster Recovery

No business can predict when a disaster will occur, whether it be a natural disaster or a malicious attack on a business’s information, and having a trusted IT partner can support and accelerate the recovery of any lost data. With our disaster recovery services, we offer clients not only a strong plan of recovery but we also review, test, evaluate and refine that plan on a regular basis to ensure it will work when disaster strikes.

Loss of information and connection is fiscally damaging to any company and our clients rely on the trust and communication between them and their customers – whether they are local NYC patrons or are across the globe. Any downtime incurred from a disaster is damaging to a business, so we ensure our clients’ recovery plans are fast, effective, and accessible.

Disaster Recovery NYC

Every business is at risk of disaster so we ensure to listen to every client, assess their unique needs, and create a complete package that provides a system to hold the critical data for the operation of their business. We create a plan and procedures to aid in rapidly switching over to the backup system when disaster strikes, allowing our clients to operate their businesses with minimal interruptions.

Our disaster recovery plans are created from an array of technologies; cloud infrastructure, backup systems, and network infrastructure; all of which are well documented to ensure our clients can operate continuously.
Disaster recovery servers are stored in an off-site data center, ensuring that any natural disaster won’t affect both the business and its backup. Data is copied to the disaster recovery servers from our clients business on a routine basis, allowing the client to access the data no matter what happens.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Many small businesses feel they are exempt from online threats, when in reality small to medium sized businesses are often the targets of malicious intent and any business is at risk of natural disaster. Having a disaster recovery plan not only protects your business, but also saves you money.

Why should your business invest in a customized disaster recovery plan?

  • Machines fail. While technology is trying to craft more resistant hardware and software, there are still many ways it can fail. From Internet connection failures to a crashed hard drive, without a disaster recovery plan in place, that one failure can lead to loss of data and interrupted service. Simply backing up your data regularly is the best way to start protecting your business from hardware failure.
  • Humans aren’t perfect either. It’s pretty easy to blame technology for failing, but everyone is prone to closing a file before saving it, spilling a hot coffee on a keyboard, or forgetting to update our firewalls. It’s simpler to spot a weak point in a network or a computer than spotting potential for human error, so the best defense is preparation. By implementing a disaster recovery plan that is customized, monitored, and backs up, you reduce the risk of human error creating a disaster.
  • It’s tremendously expensive to re-acquire lost customers. Customers are even more fickle now with the Internet at their disposal and even the slightest inconvenience can send a long-term client heading to the competition. Earning the trust of a customer takes time and money but after an IT disaster, such as outage in service or a breach of data, regaining that trust will take even more capital and effort on behalf of the business. Clients are far less forgiving of IT disasters, which can be avoided by simply having a disaster recovery plan in place – which is also far less expensive than trying to recoup business after a failure.
Why Choose Decamind?

Our clients are specific. They need innovative solutions to technological solutions with a budget conscious mind. For us, that’s the best part of the job; using creativity to find the disaster recovery solutions that will not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations.

Is your network infrastructure costing you productivity?