Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Our clients are modern, always ahead of the game. Just as they are proactive about offering the newest product to their clients – whether locally in NYC or globally, we want them to feel their security is as proactive as they are. Proactive monitoring is used to ensure that all services are healthy and performing at their peak levels, as well as identifying potential areas of risk any time, any day of the week. We use monitoring tools to realize network traffic and operation levels to create plans of action to avoid potential problems. We monitor computers, hardware, networks, and security to ensure that there are no weak points or outdated equipment or software, making certain that we can see any potential damage and repair it well before it becomes an issue for our clients.

Proactive Monitoring NYC

Proactive Monitoring vs Reactive Support

Reactive IT support is simply dealing with issues as they arise. When a hard drive fails a reactive business will call tech support to have the issue dealt with; waiting for the problem to occur before action is taken to fix it. The problem with a reactive plan is that there is no visibility into the entire IT infrastructure of your business, meaning anyone coming to repair it has to dig around to find the root of the problem which creates expensive downtime and service calls.

Proactive support is simply based on preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for the hard drive to fail, a proactive business will have their technology maintained and inspected. With this style of monitoring, businesses and their IT teams can analyze and plan effectively to improve their IT processes. Being able to plan allows a company to budget the costs of proactive maintenance, which is cheaper than reactive repairs, and allot resources to other departments that need it most.

A reactive business pays more, has more hassles, and needs to have more repairs and service calls than a company that chooses to be proactive in the monitoring of their IT systems. Proactive monitoring just makes sense.

Why Choose Decamind?

Our clients are specific. They need innovative solutions to technological solutions with a budget conscious mind. For us, that’s the best part of the job; using creativity to design proactive monitoring systems that will not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations.

Is your network infrastructure costing you productivity?